Operation Patriot was founded on September 14th, 2001 in direct response to the 9/11 terror attacks on our country. Nineteen days later on September 30, 2001, our first fundraiser in the way of motorcycle ride / rally was held at Ontario Beach Park in Rochester, NY. The ride - later dubbed "Let's Roll!" in remembrance of Todd M. Beamer of United Flight 93 - enjoyed 883 registered motorcyclist showing support for first responders. Proceeds were donated to the Salvation Army's 911 Relief Effort.

Since 2001, we've organized several 9/11 Tribute Rides, typically on the weekend following Labor Day and/or closest to or on the anniversary of the attacks.

We've also added 5k runs (Trot w/ Troops) and holiday fundraising events as well as special events for W. Webster Firefighters and RPD officer Daryl Pierson.